REO Rental Management

Many lenders are choosing to repair and rent a portion of their inventory rather than simply liquidate their REO properties in today’s highly-saturated foreclosure market. Full House Property Management offers a one-stop-shop for lenders and their servicing vendors. We will:

  • Review a portfolio of homes and recommend which properties are candidates for a repair-and-rent strategy and which are not.
  • Project an after-repair market rent for homes that are repair-and-rent candidates.
  • Oversee repairs to the property, if requested.
  • Market the home.
  • Screen prospective tenants.
  • Install qualified tenants.
  • Handle the entire rental cycle from move-in through move-out and disposition of the security deposit, including maintenance, non-payment of rent, and evictions.
  • Make data for the property available to the lender 24 x7 via our state-of-the-art website and financial accounting software.

Full House Property Management does not engage in real estate sales in any way. Being the best property management company we can is more than enough to occupy all our time. Thus, REO agents who are looking for property managers to service their lender clients need not worry that we will ever attempt to take their sales listings ourselves.