Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Fees?

Our monthly management fee is a percentage of gross rents collected. This percentage is determined by the number of rental units you have listed with us. We do not charge additional for the placement of tenants or markups on repairs and maintenance, unlike many other companies in the area.

Our job is to keep your rental property well maintained and occupied. This means we only get paid when you have a tenant.

How will I know if repairs are made to my property?

When emergency repairs come up, we take care of them immediately and inform you that the repair is happening. For repairs that are important but not emergencies, we contact you for approval. Our basic belief is that it’s important to keep you in the loop so that you don’t have surprises on your monthly statements.

What do you provide in the monthly statements?

Your monthly statement includes rent received, management fees deducted, and any repairs and other expenses deducted. For any repairs performed, you will also receive an invoice detailing the work done and what the labor & material costs were.

What do you do if a tenant gets behind on rent?

We contact the tenant to let them know they’re late and to see when payment will be received. We then follow up with a late notice by mail. In some cases, a tenant needs to be evicted and we will handle that, as well.

Can you handle evictions?

Yes. The first step in an eviction is to deliver a notice to the tenant letting them know they are required vacate the unit. If they don’t leave by the specified date, we file the eviction paperwork with the court and will attend the initial eviction hearing for you. After the tenant has vacated we will find you a new reliable tenant and will begin the collections process.

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